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Our classic facial starts with a deep pore cleanse followed by a customized peel to gently exfoliate. After skin analysis and softening the skin with steam we will perform any necessary extractions. Then you'll receive our signature face lifting massage with lymphatic drainage. A custom facial mask is then applied and sits while we perform an arm, hand and upper body massage. Your facial is completed with a transdermal infusion of paramedical skincare products tailored to your skin needs.
Members: $110
Non-Members: $125
60 minutes

The Classic Facial

With the precision of a stainless steel blade, we exfoliate the top layers of the skin with no downtime. A side benefit is the removal of fine facial hair. You will feel an extra smooth, silky finish that allows for enhanced product penetration and flawless makeup application. For best results, add to a facial.
Stand Alone: $75
Add-On: $45

A quick pick me up that includes a cleanse, dermaplane, hydrojelly mask and finishing products for an instant glow you can get on your lunch break.
30 mins

(Included in the classic and prism facials) If you're just here for the massage, book a quickie! Spend 20 minutes with us to relax and unwind as we work on lifing and sculping the face while aiding in lymphatic drainage. Perfect for a quick lift and de-puff.
20 mins


The Lunch Break Glow

Lymphatic Drainage
Facial Massage

This luxurious skin ritual includes cleansing, a customized exfoliating, skin analysis, extractions if needed, in depth face lifting massage followed by a combination of facial cupping, gua sha, and the use of various gemstone massage tools, a hydrojelly mask, followed by a selection of crystals placed on the body's energy centers and a full upper body massage and finished with a transdermal infusion of paramedical skincare.
Members: $170
Non-Members: $185
90 minutes

The PRISM Facial

A medium-deep chemical peel that can be customized to target skin concerns from fine lines, to acne, to hyperpigmentation and more. This is our favorite treatment for a total reset and new skin in 7 days.
20 minutes

SkinPenn microneedling is the gold standard in skin treatments for increasing collagen production. We do this through controlled micro wounds to the skin which stimulation rapid healing. This treatment is incredible for any kind of scaring, skin sagging, fine lines, and texture. Expect minimal redness and sensitivity for up to 48 hours.
1 hour

This is our signature treatment for the healthiest skin of your life! Through this truly unique and innovative process, we work to flush out toxins and strengthen and rebuild your skin's own systems. Over time your skin will begin to function at its highest level, reversing previous conditions and preserving your skin's health for years to come. 
$199 members/$215 non members
90 minutes

See one of our acne specialists to get to the root of your breakouts and begin to truly heal. Your first appointment includes a full consult where we deep dive into your history and determine acne triggers. Your specialist will then create a detailed plan for your journal that includes simple home care, lifestyle changes, and follow up appointments to monitor your progress.
Consult + Facial $145
1 hour
Follow up facial/peel $99 members/$110 non members

Perfect Derma Peel


Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

DMK Enzyme Therapy

The Lash Lift is the beauty equivalent of a push-up bra for your lashes. This treatment instantly gives them lift, separation and extra definition. It will look as though you used a really great lash curler, only this lash lift lasts 6-8 weeks!
Member: $90
Non-Member: $100

Lash Lift 

It’s like a brow gel without the daily product. Once this service is done, it allows you to control how you’d like your brows to look (fluffy, structured, wild, the options are endless). Lasts 6-8 weeks.
Member: $67.50 / Non-Member $75

Brow Lamination

Member: $25 / Non Member: $30

Brow Wax 

Reiki Energy Healing

Our approach to reiki energy healing is to create a safe space for you to open to your own inner guidance and receive exactly what you need. We use a combination of tools like crystals, sound healing, affirmations and aromatherapy to get you in "the zone". We recommend coming into your session with a clear intention and being open to what unfolds. Each session is different. It can prompt energetic purging, a release of things ready to go, it can bring clarity, provide answers, restore a sense of calm, safety and be extremely grounding.

60-75 minutes.

Tarot Reading

Tarot is an impactful way to reconnect our subconscious mind to our conscious actions. By joining Raven for a session you will be invited to take a step away from your life and observe it from the perspective of an outsider. To walk forward on your journey with new insights. Clients often leave a reading feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic about making positive adjustments to their usual routines.

The Shore-30min reading
The Waves-60min reading
The Deep-90min reading

We don’t recommend getting anything for the very first time directly before a big event, but any of our services—excluding peels and microneedling—are perfect for the day of or day before. We highly recommend DMK enzyme therapy with muscle banding as our “red carpet” treatment for an instant face lift, slimming effect, and crazy glow. 

I have a big event tomorrow! What treatments are safe?

All of our skin services are pregnancy safe, with the exclusion of most of our peels and microneedling. Let your aesthetician know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and she may omit certain products from your facial.

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding. What services can I get?

If you are looking for an occasional self care day, want to relax and leave with skin that is extra glowy for the weekend, book our "Classic Facial"(60 mins) or "Prism Facial"(90 mins) 

If you're here to clear your acne, book "Acne Consult + Facial".

If you are looking for results or a resolution to any other skin condition, or simply want to work on the long term health of your skin, book "DMK Enzyme Therapy" 

It’s my first time, what skin service should I book? 


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