DMK Skin Revision treatments are real solutions for those struggling with acne, rosacea, pigmentation, age management, or anyone wanting to get their skin back to its healthiest state.

The protocols treat the root cause of your skin issues and truly heal from the inside out by flushing your capillaries with fresh oxygenated blood.

In combination with home care, this customizable treatment plan yields amazing results by working with the body to actually re-educate the skin cells and teach them to function the way they were originally intended.

Be prepared to book multiple appointments and leave with a full home care regimen of DMK skincare.

Uncover your healthiest skin with DMK.

Remove, rebuild, protect, maintain—for real, long-lasting results.

Intro to Skin Revision

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This optional first appointment includes an in depth skin, wellness and lifestyle consult, your first professional enzyme therapy treatment, and a 30 day supply of customized skincare. 
120 minutes

Enzyme Therapy

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The best facial of your life! If you're looking for a treatment that actually changes your skin by rebuilding and strengthening from the inside out, enzyme therapy is a must. It's our signature treatment and the best choice for real and lasting results.
Members: $199
Non-Members: $215
90 min

– Erin M.

I have really intense cystic acne and 3 enzyme treatments in, my skin doesn't hurt anymore and looks so much brighter and healthier. I absolutely love the DMK products and actually enjoy my at-home skincare routine because it's so easy. I can feel and see the difference it's making in my skin."

"Never have I seen such clear, effective results.

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